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  1. The Novel Cytokine p43 Stimulates Dermal Fibroblast Proliferation and Wound Repair
    American Journal of Pathology, 166:387, 2005   

  2. A Novel Synthesis of 5-Functionalized Oxazolidin-2-ones from Enantiomerically Pure 2-Substituted N-[(R)-(+)-α-Methylbenzyl]aziridines
    J. Org. Chem., 68:104, 2003   

  3. Novel Stereoselective Synthesis of Functionalized Oxazolidinones from Chiral Aziridines
    J. Org. Chem., 68:43, 2003   

  4. An Efficient Synthesis of N-Boc-D-Diphenylalanine from a Chiral Aziridine-2-Carboxylate
    Heterocycles, 57:1143, 2002   

  5. New Synthesis and Ring Opening of cis-3-Alkylaziridine-2-carboxylates
    Tetrahedron, 57:9655, 2001   

  6. New Uses of Amino Acids as Chiral Building Blocks in Organic Synthesis
    Org. Lett., 3:3119, 2001   

  7. Synthesis of Substituted-(I)-Tryptophanols from an Enantiomerically Pure Aziridine-2-methanol
    Org. Lett., 3:4197, 2001   

  8. Stereoselective Synthesis of Protected Threo-ß-Hydroxy-L-Glutamic Acid Using a Chiral Aziridine
    Tetrahedron:Asymmetry, 11:3283, 2000   

  9. Stereoselective Synthesis of Enantiomerically Pure D-threo-PDMP; Manipulation of a Core Unit of 1,2-Diaminoalcohol
    Tetrahedron: Asymmetry, 11:3293, 2000   

  10. Preparation of Cysteinol Derivatives by Highly Regioselective Ring Opening of Nonactivated Chiral Aziridines by Thiols
    Tetrahedron, 55:10041, 1999   

  11. A new Synthetic Route to (3R,4S)-3-Hydroxy-4-phenylazetidin-2-one as A Taxol Side Chain Precursor
    Tetrahedron:Asymmetry, 9:983, 1998 

  12. Preparation of Both (D)- and (L)-Serinol Derivatives from N-(S)-a-Methylbenzyl]aziridine-2(S)-methanol
    Heterocycles, 48:1917, 1998   

  13. Synthesis of Substituted (D)-Phenylalanine Derivatives by Regioselective Reduction of Enantiomerically Pure cis-2,3-Disubstituted Aziridines
    Tetrahedron Lett., 39:9193, 1998   

  14. Efficient Highly Enantioselective Syntheses of (1R,2R)- and (1S,2S)-Amino-1-alkyl(or aryl)-1,3-propanediols by Highly Stereoselective Additions and Highly Regioselective Ring Opening of Substituted Aziridines
    J. Org. Chem., 62:743, 1997   

  15. An Efficient Synthesis of Ephedra Alkaloid Analogues Using an Enantiomerically Pure N-(R)-(+)-a-Methyl-benzylaziridine- 2-carboxaldehyde
    J. Org. Chem., 61:6183, 1996   

  16. An Efficient Synthesis of Both Eantiomers of Cathinone by Regioselective Reductive Ring Opening of Substituted Aziridines
    Tetrahedron, 52:12111, 1996   

  17. Highly Diastereoselective Reduction of Enantiomerically Pure Aziridino Ketones
    Tetrahedron, 52:12117, 1996   

  18. Regiospecific Reductive Ring Cleavage of N-Substituted Aziridine-2-carboxylates and Aziridine-2-methanol via Catalytic Hydrogenation Using Pd as a Catalyst
    Tetrahedron Lett., 36:8431, 1995   


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