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Novel Chiral Building Blocks
Custom Synthesis
  • On the basis of our strong synthetic knowledge and experience, we can synthesize customer's compounds from several milligrams up to kilo scale. At this moment, we work together with many famous drug discovery companies including SPI (Japan) and Exelixis (U.S.A.)
  • Please feel free to ask us!
  • Use our chemistry for your chemical problems.

Custom Compound Synthesis

This service aims to produce individual chemicals, intermediates, and novel building blocks:

  • Efficient cost/time of delivery
  • Highest-quality of products: 85-99% purity
  • Reliable methods for the scale-up
  • Process development service for bulk synthesis

Novel Chirotechnology Based on Chiral Aziridines

This service aims to provide various optically pure nitrogen containing molecules using unique technology:

  • Stereo- and regioselective transformations
  • Ring opening
  • Rearrangements and ring expansions
  • Asymmetric synthesis of amino acid derivatives

Unique Custom Synthesis with Our Own Chiral Scaffolds

This service aims to produce unique focused libraries and process development with novel scaffolds:

  • Diverse nitrogen-containing bioactive molecules
  • Custom chiral library synthesis containing diamines, oxazolidinones, imidazolidinones, sphingosines
  • Custom chiral compound synthesis including natural and unnatural a-and b-amino acid derivatives
  • Chiral compound process development
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